Digital marketing

As a full service marketing agency we believe in exploring all marketing channels to best reach different audiences. Online advertising, viral video and social media are some of the channels we have utilised recently for some of our clients. We believe in being innovative and flexible and exploring ways in which we can stretch your budget that little bit further.

For all clients creating a beautiful, functional website is only half the story. Driving traffic to your website is the next step in the sales funnel to converting customers. There’s no point having a website if no one ever visits it.

We create digital marketing campaigns tailored to each client and their industry. With extensive keyword research we create paid for and organic digital marketing strategies to ensure your website is in front of the right audience.

With a structured, researched, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign we can drive instant traffic to your site from a range of platforms including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Long term strategies of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be implemented in line with your companies long term marketing goals increasing your presence and influence online and driving sales. All websites created by us are done so with onsite SEO practices carefully considered.

Digital marketing examples:

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