Are all websites starting to look the same, and does it matter?

We’ve all seen it before many times:

Full width header image with text overlaid on it
< scroll down >
Block of colour with centered text
< scroll down >
Three columns of text, each with its own icon above

There is no denying that websites are starting to look the same, my first thoughts are why? With the wealth of talent in the world how is this possible? If you put 20 designers in a room they surely wouldn’t come up with the same design would they? The answers is, at this current time…probably yes!

Before anyone gets upset and thinks I’m suggesting there is no creativity left in the world, please hear me out. I believe there are 3 main factors to why these types of sites are so widespread:

  1. Mobile-first responsive websites are a necessity in today world and I really don’t feel anyone has come up with a great responsive design that doesn’t fit or improve this template.
  2. Most clients are comfortable with these types of websites. They feel modern but don’t push the boundaries too far so, to risk damage to their business. Although not unique, for most these are the smart choice for small to medium sized businesses.
  3. Off the shelf template have their flaws but are being more widely used as a more cost effective way to get online. The vast majority of these templates follow this style.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about the future of creative web design, but I don’t believe this trend will continue. Technology moves so fast and soon these will become “yesterdays” websites and customers and client will yearn for something different and fresh.

So to summarise, yes all websites are starting to look the same, but clients are comfortable with how far they are pushing their online presence, whilst giving their customer a decent online experience with a template that they trust. The design snob in me says it does matter, but my brain says no, it doesn’t matter, not yet!