Simple and to the point…

We’ve been so snowed under (definitely a good thing) so we’ve not had time to post much on our blog. One thing that is catching our eye at the moment is the amount of jargon that many agencies – both local and national – are putting out there within their blogs. We’re all  working for clients not other marketing/advertising agencies so why try to impress other agencies with your ‘knowledge’ and marketing reach?

As an agency we don’t blind people with marketing ‘science’. It’s all well and good talking to someone who understands marketing and how agencies work but you risk alienating those clients who know what they want but don’t have a clue of what terms like ‘full-service’, ‘integrated’, or even ‘on and off-line’ actually mean.

We recently went to see a client who said they wanted ‘a website that looks good, works well and shows the world how great we are’. Enough said.