The overuse of the #

Can you over-use hashtags or do they help get your business noticed?

Hashtags are now so widely used, not just in social media helping users to communicate in groups and on shared trends, but in (occasional) everyday conversation and are definitely an iconic definition of a shift towards a more ‘social’ culture.

However, there’s often a massive over-use of the hashtag in the hope that this will enhance business posts making their feed more noticeable or making the tweet more important. It’s proven that hashtags simply categorise topics and should really be reserved for search-worthy topics such as news stories or brand names, helping twitter users to discuss these in a group forum.

Our advice is to use with caution: use it ONCE in a post, only use when you feel the topic you’re talking about will be relevant enough (and searched enough) to create a trend and don’t hashtag irrelevant words #such #as #the #or #at (surely that’s just common sense!). Then there’s the ‘comedy’ hashtag – no comment. Hashtags are a great tool in social media but like everything else are only useful when used correctly.