Brands that overcame PR disasters

Earlier this year we wrote about Volkswagen, back when it was at the top of its game, showing quarterly profits year on year. Fast forward to October 2015… the brand has taken a serious knock when it was found that 11 million of its vehicles were fitted with rogue software – therefore falsifying its emissions.

The brand’s CEO has said that the entire business has to change its mindset – an organic process across all employees rather than something that is imposed top-down. Essentially, what the brand needs is some damage limitation (in the form of ads reassuring customers of the commitment to quality in its cars), accountability and the magic that is time. Oh, and a great PR/Marketing Agency!

This got us thinking about other recent PR disasters and how they’ve been skilfully dealt with to ensure they’re all but forgotten; Apple/U2 tie up, Tesco’s profit woes. Read more about these and others here.